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We are a digital marketing agency for Edmonton business owners.

High Level Marketing helps you achieve your online goals with your website, social media, and advertising, without having to deal with the complications of the technical side of things directly.

High Level Marketing is a Champion for Small Business Success

When you work together with our Edmonton Marketing Agency, you get:

Direct contact with the person (people) doing the work


The ability to give input at every stage of the project

Stay local and invest in the same business community you’re in

Is your website helping you grow your brand?

Are you losing sales and ranking to your competitors because your website and/or content is not up to par?

Is your website secure and are all of its components working the way you expect them to?

Are you staying on top of your backups, SEO, and software updates for your website? If not, you might be at risk.

Are you falling behind on social media while your competitors are thriving?

Are you neglecting your social media because it is taking too much time away from running your business?

Are you getting frustrated because your social media doesn’t seem to be doing anything for your business?

Have you outgrown your current strategy and need to hire outside help for training or getting back on track?

Does your brand have trouble standing out?

Is your brand fully aligned with your business? If not, you might be confusing your customers!

Did you skip over creating a visual identity but now realize that your marketing is inconsistent? What kind of message do you think that sends your clients?

If you don’t have a clear understanding of your target demographic, you could be missing out on lots of customers.

We are your Edmonton Marketers

Sarah Van Dusen and Chris Bolseng want to help you with Web Design, Branding, Social Media, and Digital Advertising

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