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Is your website working?

Are you effectively using SEO to grow your business?


Do you have trouble writing and updating your content?

Are your digital marketing efforts based on your business needs?

Are you using Google My Business to attract customers who are searching for services like yours?

Do you use Facebook or Google advertising, and if so, do you understand how your ads are performing?

Is your company receiving engagement online from new and existing users?

Are your online profiles created, optimized, and being managed?

Are you unsure of what to post?

Can your customers reach you on the major platforms?

Do you simply lack the time to stay on top of multiple social networks?

Is your brand positioned in a way that lets your customers know where to find you.

Does your brand feel incomplete?

Are the majority of your posts from¬†other people’s content?

What would make your marketing materials more appealing to your customers?

We make a great pair.

High Level YEG is a combination of 2 Edmonton companies Sarah Van Marketing & Status Symbol.

Sarah Van Marketing

Sarah Van Dusen

Co-Founder / Marketing Director


Status Symbol

Chris Bolseng

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Radhika Gauthier, CPA

I am an Edmonton CPA helping small business owners for over 10 years. In 1 year, Chris & Sarah increased my business by 40%!

Damien Meardi, Lawyer

…I have been most pleased with is the overwhelmingly positive responses I have received from clients and colleagues. The increased visibility provided by Sarah’s work has definitely had a positive impact on the bottom line.

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