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High Level Marketing helps you achieve your online goals with your website, social media, and advertising, without having to deal with the complications of the technical side of things directly.

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High Level Marketing can be useful for your business

Our clients want to work with a small team who they can be directly in contact with.

If you choose to work with us at High Level, you get:

Direct contact with the person (people) doing the work


The ability to give input at every stage of the project

Stay local and invest in the same business community you’re in

Your website is arguably your most important marketing tool. Is your website working? 

Are you using your website to effectively grow your business?

Is your website and all its components working the way you expect it to?

Can your customers find the right information to purchase your products and services?

Are you having trouble managing your social media accounts?

Is managing your social media taking too much time away from running your business?

Is your social media getting you enough engagement to sustain your business?

Do you feel like you are ready to use Google ads to grow your business?

Does your brand have trouble standing out?

Is your brand in alignment with the vision and ambition you have for your business?

Are you recognized as a top choice in your industry? If not, we can help you get there.

Is your brand leaving the right impression on your target market, customers and followers?

We are your Edmonton Marketers

Sarah Van Dusen and Chris Bolseng want to help you with Web Design, Branding, Social Media, and Digital Advertising

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