Google My Business is now Google Business Profile

Last Updated: March 5, 2023
Google My Business Becomes Google Business Profile

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Google My Business is Now Google Business Profile

Google My Business is gone. I really miss it as it was one of my favourite Google products! It has emerged as a new platform called Google Business Profile. It is now visible online as a Google Maps location that you can also edit on Search.

Now Google let us know that they were going to retire the Google My Business platform back in November 2021. This was when they came up with the name Google Business Profile.

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Creating a Google Business Profile

What is Different with Google Business Profile from Google My Business?

Now the app no longer works but if you do already have it downloaded it will redirect you to 2 options to manage your Google Business Profile. Edit on – Google Maps or Google Search.

You do not have as many options for Tags (But now you can do that in Google Tag Manager) and the space for Services is limited. But you can still list your Products for sale and have them connect directly to your website for purchase.

If you are looking for Analytics on your Google My Business account, with the switch to Google Business Profile you can only see back until September 2022.

Just Google it…

When trying to get your business noticed online, Google My Business was one of the easiest ways for customers to search for your business, or for products and businesses that match yours.

You can still optimize your Search Engine Results by creating a Google Business Profile.

A Google Business Profile is easy to build! In fact your customers may have already created one for you by leaving reviews or tagging your business in photos.

How can you build a Google Business Profile?

It sounds great, but how can you make a Google Business Profile? It is easy to add your company or to take control of an existing Google Business Profile account. To create a business page for your company on Google, use the following steps.


Step #1 Sign into your personal Google Account

If you do not have a Google account you will have to sign up for one in order to create a Google Business Profile.

Always write down your passwords in a safe place, try a file folder on your computer.

Go to Google home page for creating a Google Business Profile. Then create or claim your business listing.


Step #2 Market to your direct audience

Where are you located?  Perhaps an area of the City? Advertise to local Towns? Your Province? Country? International?


Step #3 Choose your delivery area

You can choose to list specific cities, postal codes, regions, etc. This can help boost your search results when people are using those same parameters.


You can choose delivery within a distance from your business address you have provided. 1000 Km, 20 Km, etc.

Step #4 Try to find the type of business that best suits your company

Choose from the provided list. It is not very detailed, but come as close as you can.

Step #5 Verify your Business

This can be done by postcard, or sometimes by email, or phone number. Be prepared to get that code!

If you want to be able to alter your business page, or alter that information you have already entered you will need to verify your account.

After you receive your Google Business Profile postcard, you can follow the directions to verify your location, and your right to post on behalf of the business.


Step #6 Verify your listing using the provided postcard

If you chose to sign up using a postcard delivered by Google just so you can have a letter from Google to show your friends and family it will arrive in about 12-15 days. Now you can control the options regarding your business. Update all your business information; profile pic (Company Logo), cover image, about us, hours of operation (holidays), website url, industry category, contact number & contact email. You can add details about your products and services, all which will help your search results.

Your customers can leave reviews on your Google page. Keep on top of contact as lower rated businesses will appear below higher rated ones.

Step #7 Verify your listing using video

Google may tell you that you have to verify your Google Business Profile by taking a video at the location you have set for your business.

This will need to include a few key elements. 


  1. Your address must be visible in the video. They will want you to start outside with an external view of the building. This also means including external signage and branding!
  2. If you are serviced based, you will need to show off equipment or a branded vehicle. White vans will not be accepted, they must be branded!
  3. You must prove that you can access the building. This means entering using a key and having each part of the building accessible. You could also use a POS machine or enter an area that is employees only. 
  4. Show off your business license, or liquor license or other offical documentation that has your business name on it. 
  5. The video must be contineous, and under 5 minutes, but over 1 minute.
  6. Don’t show people’s faces or personal documentation.
  7. After you have finished the video, tap stop recording. With everything being done in the APP you don’t have to worry about the size of the video.

Google may require you to schedule a video call to verify your Google Business Profile listing. You can schedule this video call if you are having trouble getting verified. The Google Rep will direct you on what they want to see while you are on location.

Good luck with your new Google Business Profile listing! If you need any help setting it up, or would like content or custom images created please contact me! 

[email protected]

Sarah Van Dusen


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