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Mini Digital Media Guide from High Level Marketing 

Digital Transformation

How can your business utilize Digital Media as a tool to reach customers? You know Social Media works, you have seen your favourite boutique businesses blossom and become international heavyweights. You want a digital transformation now! How can you leverage these networks to your advantage as a small business owner? Let me show you.

Here is  quick compilation of ways you can make your online presence a success 

1.) Custom URLS

On Social Media sites, make sure your urls match, make it easier for your clients to find you on twitter if they already like you on facebook. Make your urls short and keyword rich.

2.) Market Research

Know your niche audience, find out who they are, where they live, how they live their life and make purchases. This will help when it comes time for you to figure out how to market to them. Try this free Canadian site – or try think with Google.

3.) Be Authentic

Remain true to yourself and how you see your brand. It is what makes you different and special from all those same industry businesses. It is the most valuable gift you can give.

4.) Mobile Friendly Website

Make sure that your images are sized correctly to convert for smartphone users. Have links to call on all your phone numbers. If necessary create a msite, or mobile version of your site that is less complicated. You are reading this on your phone right now aren’t you?

5.) Register on Google:

Create a Google Business Profile account. If this sounds complicated, check out our page on how we can create an optimized Google Business Profile for you. 

6.) Beware Bargains

Are you buying designs on fivver or dealing with your cousin’s nephews girlfriend? Design work is how your customer will view you, your company and your brand. There is no price on the face of your business. If you look cheap, your clients will not want to pay what you are worth. We can help with logo or brand design, just email us!

7.) Schedule

You need to be realistic, you might not have time to post twice a day. So schedule your Social Media posts using a website like Buffer or Hootsuite or Sprout Social. If you like to write out your content, get a journal on Amazon to help plan your marketing. Or just hired someone to do it. We can help come up with a content plan customized for your business.

8.) Use Social networks you like

Does LinkedIn frustrate you? Do you love the hashtags on Instagram? Are you a dancer who watches hours of TikTok? Pick the Social Networks that are right for you and your brand. Don’t overwhelm yourself at first. Although it is a good idea to lock in the usernames on these sites in case you wish to use them in the future.

 9.) Don’t be a robot

Make your content fun and interesting! Do not come across with a mechanical sales pitch! It is boring and people will unfollow.

10.) Custom Hashtags

Think of Custom Hashtags for your business that you will always use:

#yourbusinessname #yourcity, #yourbusinessneighbourhood, #yourproducts #yourproductnames

If you need a hand with any of these tips shoot me an email!

[email protected]

Sarah Van Dusen

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