Branding and Graphic Design

Branding & Graphic Design

Your brand is your business

Helping shape your Edmonton brand to create meaningful connections with your niche

Logo Branding is the process of creating a unique identity and distinguishable experience from those other brands.

Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity encompasses all the characteristics of your brand including: visual elements (such as logo, colors, and fonts), and its personality, which includes the brand’s tone, voice, and values

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is where the brand resides in the hearts and minds of its audience. It involves presenting the brand’s values, stances (such as political views, if any), and highlighting key benefits for its target audience.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the brand’s tagline or motto, mission statement, and important messages it wants to share. It’s how a brand communicates its promises and what it represents to its audience.

Edmonton Branding and Logo Design Agency

Promote your business with designs you’ll be proud to share publicly! Level up your brand’s visibility. High Level Marketing in Edmonton will create your logo and design a brand story to get you noticed online.

Edmonton Logo Design

We design logos and work closely with all our clients to design the other elements of their brand. What does your logo say about you and your company? Is it relatable to your target market?

Rebrand/ Redesign

Rebranding can include logo design, business cards and social media covers, web design, and more. A redesigned logo can feel like a fresh start on your marketing.

Complete Print Design

High Level Marketing delivers business card design, postcards, brochure designs, tri-fold pamphlet mock ups, stand-up banner designs, billboard designs, bus stop designs, vehicle decal layouts, foil design overlays and more.

Designing your brand with us at High Level, you get:

To give your feedback at various stages of our projects together

Steering the final product to your liking to incorporate your vision

To receive ALL finished designs

Your completed designs will be emailed in ready-to-use formats

All relevant file types for your specific designs

Get the files you need to use your designs nearly anywhere (and just ask if you need anything else!)

Create a lasting connection with your brand

Hire us to design your new brand or redesign your existing logo

Let’s Start a Project!
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