Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk.

That’s Branding!

Our Edmonton Branding Agency is here to help you tell your story.

Get help with logo design from High Level Marketing. Get noticed.

If running your own business is something you actually want, then take your branding seriously.

Brand Identity

Your logo is just the lead singer of your brand. We can help you fill up the rest of the band.


Let’s get crystal clear about your audience. Get help identifying your market and your ideal customer avatar.


Even though you have an idea of who you’re talking to, just one quick question: do they know you’re talking to them?

Our Original BrandLatest Brand Upgrade

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Brands develop over time

The worst place for your business to be a year from now is in exactly the same place it is today!

How many times have you seen a new Pepsi logo on a can? Trends and times will change brands. Our own Edmonton High Level YEG brand needed a refresh too!

The famous High Level bridge will always be an inspiration for our brand, but we did change fonts for something slicker and easier to read. Our colours now have a transition that is stylish and creative.

When was the last time you updated your brand?

Your Brand Assets Leave an Impression

Promotional items can leave a lasting impression with your clients. A strong brand mixed with the right swag can distinguish your Edmonton company from others with similar products or services to your own.

For example, you could have a slick business card, a dope mug, or some fresh magnets. Just because.

Edmonton Branding

Build your Brand Story around what makes you different from the competition

High Level Marketing Branding in Edmonton will Connect You with Your Target Market

What resonates with you? Think about the brands you personally really like. What is it that you actually like about them?

Do you like them because of their impact on their community? Their Philanthropy? 

Maybe they are a status symbol that not everybody can easily afford?

Perhaps you just find them hilarious on social media.

Whatever reason you found to identify with your favorite brands, they were counting on you to recognize them. Especially when you are purchasing. When it comes to your own brand, you will be counting on that, too.

Some logo designs by @highlevelyeg