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Google Business Profile, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Maps…

Google has an impressive list of tools for your business, and it’s important that you are using them to your advantage.

Google Marketing With High Level YEG

How often do you use Google services? Did you get here by Google search?

Google Business Profile

Is your business on Google? Well, at least get it set up and optimized for Google Search and Google Maps!

Google Ads

Are you missing out on sales because of a weak paid advertising strategy?

Google Analytics

If knowing is half the battle, then you could be halfway to more conversions just by using Google Analytics on your website.

Google Business Profile

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. This platform can be used to manage your company on Google Maps and in Google Search.

Google Business Profile provides a reliable online hub for your business to display contact links for customers to reach you, fast access to directions to your actual location (if your business address is public), a trusted reviews system, and much more.

E-commerce businesses can list products for purchase directly on their Google Business Profile!

Are you getting the most out of your Google Business Profile?

Google Ads & PPC Marketing

Do you think your business is ready to boost its search ranking using paid advertising on Google?

A Google Ads strategy can position your company among the top results for search queries you might otherwise miss out on.

Increased visibility can build brand recognition (at the least) and increase your sales (at it’s best).

Don’t forget that Google is still the world’s most popular search engine with over 3.5 billion searches each day.

Google Analytics

Unfortunately, you don’t have the opportunity to find out about every single person who visits your website, nor would you have the time to ask what they were looking for help with.

If you did, your conversions would be through the roof!

Fortunately, using Google Analytics you can get insight on which pages are viewed, which links are most clicked, and how visitors even arrive at your site in the first place.

High Level Marketing can help you get Google Analytics setup on your website and optionally receive a digital report each month containing insights about your progress.

Google Search Console

Have you submitted your website to Google Search Console? This is one of the most common mistakes we see in people DIY’ing their own website.

You will need to create a sitemap to submit to Google Search Console and Bing/ Yahoo.

What is wrong with your website? This platform can make it easy to fix your website as it will email you each Month with stats about your website and possible issues that need to be resolved.

Google Sarah Van Dusen

Google in Edmonton

We are Google Certified to with the knowledge on how to create, use and sell Google Products. If you have a question about Google, we probably have the answer. Contact us today!