Social Media Planning for 2022

Last Updated: September 1, 2021

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Plan your Social Media goals and objectives for 2022. Using the latest tools and techniques for Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more!

Level: Intermediate

Time: 6-8 hours

Tools mentioned: Hootsuite, LinkedIn Learning, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager.

Your Business Marketing Plan for 2022

The most important part of your Business Plan is your Marketing. How will you find new clients? Where can you reach them? With the growing online market in 2022, you can’t afford to not be on Social Media. In this Social Media Planning Guide for 2022 should help you get set up with a new plan for your Social Media. Follow through all of the steps, and it should take 6-8 hours. So try to split up each section into 2 hours.

Social Media Marketing in 2022

It is not enough to create your Social Media channels, you need to create and execute a strategy to meet your traget audience. 

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Google Algorithm Changes  

Google is focusing more on longtail SEO keywords in 2022. Determining the content of your website and social media based upon the relation of words in a query to determine SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rather than one by one in order.

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To accurately reach your target demographic, make sure you are using highly targeted keywords (target both your industry and your physical location). For High Level Marketing, we would use Social Media Guides for your Edmonton Business. This would associate us with people looking for a guide to their marketing and local Edmonton business owners.

High Level Marketing Keywords
Keyword Analysis:

1.) Research: Find the keywords to best display your product, service and area. Use a keyword search tool like Google Trends, Moz, Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Planner, and Majestic SEO.

2.) Implement: Now that you have your Keywords from all your Research, it is time to add them to your Website, Social Media Descriptions and Posts. Write out your new content and add it to your online channels.

3.) Analyze: Determine which keywords are working and driving traffic. Most Business Social Media platforms have their own Insights or Analytics. The most accurate reporting is done by Google Analytics.

4.) Update: Now that you are receiving reports on your Social Media performance and Website from Google Analytics, it is time to update! Change keywords that are not driving traffic and add new ones.

Now that you are familiar with keywords and creating a plan for your SEO. Make sure you are updating them every 3 Months to 6 Months. Creating new content is the best way to be noticed online!


Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the largest Business to Business Social Media.

There were 16,570,000 LinkedIn users in Canada in September 2019, which make up 44.1% of our entire population.

People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (9,600,000).

How can you take advantage of this massive Canadian audience when planning your 2022 Social Media?

Follow these marketing tips:

Reach your potential customers, and referral partners on Linkedin. 
  • Complete your entire personal LinkedIn profile.
  • Create a Business LinkedIn Page.
  • Link your profiles!
  • Claim your Vanity URL
  • Make sure that you keyword optimize your Job Titles.
  • Optimize you Job Descriptions.
  • Use Anchor Text in Links.
  • Maximize your Group Memberships.
  • Add your Skills on LinkedIn, these are keywords that will be used to search for your profile.
  • Give and Request endorsements from clients and peers.


High Level Marketing on Facebook

Facebook has more than 19 Million users Monthly in Canada. More than 14 Million Canadians Check Facebook everyday! Reach them using your Facebook Business Page for your company.

High Level Facebook YEG
What are some ways to optimize your Facebook page for 2022 Marketing?
  • Add Custom Tabs to your Facebook Page.
  • You don’t have to restrict yourself to About, Videos and Events.
  • Remove Tabs that you don’t use that can misdirect customers.
  • Fill out your profile! Google is reading everything you write, so use those keywords!
  • Organize your page by what you want people to see first. Products, Posts, Community, Podcasts, Reviews, it is up to you.
  • Use Google Shopping to market your product and tag them in Facebook ADs or Posts.
  • Link to Instagram Business Profile and pre-schedule posts.
  • Make Branded content, Cover Images, Profile Photos. Have a logo that is recognizable. Use specific fonts and colours.


Bonus Facebook Tips for 2022!

o Reels – Are taking over Instagram and now “Featured on Facebook” make sure you enable this option!

o Creative Suite – Create and schedule posts with ease. It provides an overview for users on multiple Business Pages

Posts – Create an update about your company to post to Facebook, add an image to create further reach.

Story – Use your Story feature similar to that on Instagram.

About Us – Keywords on Smaller version and use the expanded one to list your contact details.

Videos – Add Videos! They have a huge interaction rate, nearly 1/2 of all posts are videos now.

Templates – Choose which one best suits your company, public figure? Store?

Shop – Create a full shop and list items to buy right off Facebook.

Photo Albums – Organize your photos into easy to find Albums. Label them using Industry Keywords.

Pinned Posts – Pin a post when you want that message to be seen first on your page.

o Facebook Business Suite – Stay connected every time someone comments, like, messages or tags your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business ManagerEasily track all your AD campaigns and conversions

Heyo – Contests and Campaigns

Pagemodo – Custom tabs on your Facebook Page

MailChimp – Integrate with your personal Facebook profile and run campaigns

Facebook Live – Allows you to stream live videos from your Facebook Page

Facebook Analytics – Stay on top of growth and engagement

Instagram Tips for 2022

Instagram 2021 Home Screen
Are you using an Instagram Business Account?

We suggest getting one, have all the contact options and analytics to see how you are performing. You can also link it to your Business Facebook Page and now schedule posts to both platforms, or individually.

Instagram Creators in 2022:

Another option apart from the Personal and Business options. Creators allows you to use tools like Branded Content Tags and Shopping to help you grow your business and followers.

High Level Edmonton Team

We would love to connect with you on Instagram! Add us and we will follow you back!

Make the most of your Instagram Account

  • Posting a photo – Instagram will automatically crop to a square and then offer editing options
  • Story – This is posted to your profile for 24 hours then expires. Use text, images, layout, boomerang, etc.
  • Reels – Record and edit short videos and share them to reels where anyone can see them, Instagram’s version of TikTok
  • Live – Instagram shows you how many of your followers are currently active, and will even send your followers a notification that you have gone live. Choose from different photos
  • Multi-Capture – Instagram feature to post to Stories, which allows users to create and share multiple photographs at once.
  • Level – Point your device toward your subject and a level will appear on the screen. As you tilt your device left and right, the level will move to show you how far away you are from holding your phone straight.
  • Photobooth – Take a series of four pictures, each three seconds apart, stitched together in a stop-motion video that you can share as a Story.
  • Superzoom – allows you to add different effects to your shots as the camera automatically zooms in on your subject.
  • Hands-Free – allows you to record a video with just one tap.
  • Always check in at your location.

  • On every post use your company’s hashtag.

  • Follow hashtags that speak to your location.

  • Like for Like. Click on hashtags that you use in your posts and like the images of people who use them.

  • Consistently post content, this will raise the visibility of your posts without Advertising.

For Bonus Points! Set Up an Instagram Shop!

Instagram Shopping is a set of features across Instagram that let people shop your photos and videos no matter where they are in the app.

Follow these steps for creating a shop on Instagram to get access to features like shopping tags.

Step 1: Confirm eligibility.

Step 2: Convert to an Instagram Business account.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook Company Page.

Step 4: Upload a product catalog.

Step 5: Complete account review.

Step 6: Turn on Shopping.

Step 7: Make content actionable.

YouTube Marketing Updates for 2022

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Create a Business YouTube Channel with a Marketing Plan for 2022.

  • Create your channel using your Vanity URL.
  • Fill in your description completely.
  • When uploading videos to your YouTube channel, name your video file using your keyword.
  • Use your keyword in the title of your video.
  • Optimize your video description.
  • Tag your video with popular keywords related to your topic.
  • Categorize your video.
  • Upload a custom thumbnail for your video results link.
  • Try to have subtitles on your video for the hearing impaired and those watching your video on mute. Especially me with my family scrolling through YouTube while half watching a Movie my daughter chose.

Useful YouTube Tools

Apps we recommend:

YouTube Studio – Manage your YouTube Channel.

TubeBuddyAdd in functionality, SEO, test titles, thumbnails and tags.

vidIQAudience development and management to grow subscribers, views and channels.

Influencer Marketing by Influencer Marketing Hub – Calculate video views and engagement, generate hashtags.

Tweet on Twitter

High Level Logo

Twitter for business marketing needs a solid plan.

How will you grow your connections with 330 Million Monthly Users? 
  • Research your buyer personas and target demographic audience.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Organize a schedule for your tweets.
  • Analyze your results and impact on your community.
  • Follow Local accounts and hashtags!
  • Try to match your vanity URLs on other accounts.
  • Make your Bio count! You can use hashtags in your Bio!
  • Make sure you are retweetable.
  • Use link shortners to help direct back to your Website and other Social Media content.
  • Boost conversations! Twitter is a chatting platform. 
  • Tweets only remain visible for so long, so pin your favourite, or something you are trying to promote!
  • Customize and brand your profile.
  • Create Twitter Lists.
  • Host a Twitter Chat.
  • Advertise your company on Twitter.
  • Drive traffic to your website and measure conversions.
  • Use Twitter Moments.
  • Get verified on Twitter. That little blue checkmark never felt so good!
  • Focus on building your followers.
  • Have fun, follow things you are passionate about and can discuss. Make sure it pertains to your industry or brand.


Pinterest Marketing for 2022

Make Pinterest part of your Marketing Plan for 2022.

Create a Pinterest Business Account!
  • Optimize your Boards, be specific about the target market audience you are trying to reach.
  • Label your Pins with keywords, and make sure they direct to the exact page on your Website content. For example if I pinned this blog using this image, I would have it link directly to this blog on creating a Social Media Plan for 2022, not my home page.
  • Only use 20 hashtags per pin.
  • Your freshest pins will appear above other older pins.
  • Also make sure that you verify your website, as this raises your indexing as well.
  • Link to all your Social Media!
  • Add Idea Pins – like Stories on Instagram.
  • Update your keywords! Pinterest is Search Engine.
  • Follow back to build your audience.
  • Reply to comments on your pins to build a connection.
  • Create multiple pins for the same article.
  • Automate your pins. Try buffer.

5% of all referral traffic on the internet comes from Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!

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