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Level up your marketing using SEO

Use appropriate keywords.

Keywords are essential to getting found in search results.

When people are looking for a company like yours online, what are some of the phrases they search for? Are there industry-specific keywords used exclusively by companies like yours? Are you using localization to be part of the search results for  Edmonton and other local service areas? We can help you to discover which keywords will work for you, and develop a strategy to improve your online searchability.

Begin your SEO journey organically.

Begin building your SEO content organically before investing any money in ads. Some companies charge monthly for keyword services that might not be gaining you as much as you expect. We think you should have a content strategy and the patience to grow your business over time. We can develop a plan for your SEO for one set price, and provide monthly options for maintaining it.

Create a local SEO strategy.

What are ways that you can build your SEO to stand out as an Edmonton-based company? In a sea full of so many fish, at the very least make sure that you are using relevant keywords, and filling in the boxes in your profiles and media library. SEO plugins, blogging about your industry, and meeting minimum content requirements on each page of your website can also help.

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Be smart about backlinks.

Backlinks to (and from) your website create what we refer to as link equity. Authority on the internet is a two-way street, meaning the more relevant links coming from your website, and pointing to your website, demonstrates that your content is suitable for your industry/niche. Each of your Social Media profiles can generate a backlink to your website, as does your Google My Business profile. Remember that context is everythingso avoid trying to cheat with low-quality (unrelated) backlinks, which can actually hinder your SEO performance. 

What is an inbound link?

Inbound links are internal links on your website pages lead to other pages on your website. This will help your SEO and keep people on your website for a longer period of time. Try to create engaging content that keeps people engaged and on your website.

What are outbound links?

Outbound links lead away from your website with a purpose that is intended to help your visitor. Your website uses outbound links to demonstrate your association with other websites and to enhance your content by adding references. While you want people to stay on your website to avoid a high bounce rate, it is important to create outbound links as part of writing meaningful content. By creating a link to an outbound website (like the City of Edmonton, for example), you associate your company as being a local Edmonton business.

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