The Coolest Google Easter Eggs in 2021

Last Updated: April 2, 2021

Happy Easter!

We chose 21 of the coolest Google Easter Eggs to share with you in 2021, just in time for Easter!

Google’s brand has always shown personality. Google has placed various Easter eggs to be found throughout Google Search

An Easter egg is a hidden secret in a game (or other media, like a movie) that the creators put in for their fans to find.

Much like the various Easter eggs with Apple’s Siri (have you asked her to beat box?), Google has a few neat tricks of its own ready for anybody who cares to look.

Check out some of the little gems that Google has dropped over the years.

1st Google Easter Egg – Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game is one of my favorite Google Easter Eggs. 

Many people don’t even know that this is a game. The Tiny T-Rex on your screen is daring you to play! If you are using Chrome and you lose your internet connection, it will automatically queue the Dino Game! Press spacebar to start.

Note: the link goes to the Dinosaur Game on elgoog, but if you lose your connection on Chrome it will appear for you (also on mobile). Try putting your device in airplane mode if you want to play it.

2nd Google Easter Egg – Google in 1998

Searching Google for Google in 1998 delivers the reminder of what it used to look like back in the day. The search page works but it returns results using the new, normal Google.

That styling was top of the line…

3rd Google Easter Egg – The answer to life, the universe and everything

Have you read (or seen) or listened to audible the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? A Civilization builds a supercomputer over many generations. When the AI is finally smart enough they brave up and ask it for the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Google created an Easter egg with a nod to Douglas Adam’s cult paperback.

4th Google Easter Egg – Once in a Blue Moon

Google has it figured out.

Since frequency is measured in cycles over time, its only right that Google has returned the rate of occurrence of a blue moon in hertz. (LOL right?)

When you search for once in a blue moon, the top result will be 

1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz

Or in normal terms, not very often.

5th Google Easter Eggs – Flip a Coin or Roll a Dice

Forgot your coin at home but you are reffing the big game? Ask Google to flip a coin. Not sure if you should buy that new late night Instagram product you were clicking through to at 4am? It’s perfect for when you are on the fence about something that’s worth flipping a coin over.

Time for your D & D game but you forgot your dice set? No problem, it works great on mobile! Use Google’s Roll Dice to get randomly generated dice numbers. 

6th Google Easter Egg – Search for “Askew”

Want to see a skewed search results page? Turn your view askew!

Do it. Just because. 

Then use it to convince your friends there is something wrong with your, ot their cell phone, because it works great on mobile.

7th Google Easter Egg – Blink HTML

When you search for blink html, any matches of “blink” and “html” in the search results body will blink. This alternate being visible and then invisible is frowned upon in most design applications and considered obsolete.

There is also marquee html

This doesn’t seem to work on mobile.

8th Google Easter Egg – Kerning

Kerning is a typography term that means adjusting t h e   s p a c e   b e t w e e n   c h a r a c t e r s to make your typography look proper.

When you Google search the word kerning, on the results that contain the word, “kerning” will be spaced differently.

Google’s Kerning Easter egg doesn’t seem to work on mobile

9th Google Easter Egg – Do a Barrel Roll

The Barrel Roll – This is one of the first Google Easter Eggs that I ever saw. 

When you search for do a barrel roll, your screen will rotate 360 degrees clockwise. After the barrel roll, Google will be ready to use again.

10th Google Easter Egg – Super Mario Bros.

We all played this game as a kid. Searching for this Nintendo classic yields a small treat to the right of the results.

The right search will show a small ? box just like the one you hit with your head in Mario. Each click makes the coin sound.

Try searching with the “.” at the end of Bros., or search for Super Mario Brothers. It doesn’t always seem to work. 

11th Google Easter Egg – Pacman (Use your arrow keys to play!)

Remember Pacman? This hungry yellow circle is back on Google! Play a quick game for free by searching Google for Pacman.

You can also play solitaire, minesweeper, tic tac toe, snake, and other games.

This also works on mobile.

12th Google Easter Egg – Bacon Number

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, this fun game is now on Google! Use Google to search for a celebrity’s name + Bacon Number. Simply punch in bacon number + a celebrity’s name and Google will tell you how many degrees of separation they have from Kevin Bacon.

This works on mobile to settle that bet during Easter dinner with your Auntie Lyla.

13th Google Easter Egg – Google Mars

Bored of Google Earth? Excited about the prospect of traveling to (and maybe even inhabiting) Mars? 

Check out Google Mars! It’s kind of cool to think you’re staring at another planet.

There’s also Google Moon. This also works on mobile.

14th Google Easter Egg – Metronome

Set the beat! This is a cool Google Easter Egg for musicians. Just search for metronome and set the tempo for your own browser-based click track.

Works on mobile so you can jam out with your friends.

15th Google Easter Egg – The Earth Day Quiz

Have you taken Google’s Earth Day Quiz? This fun quiz helps remind us what Earth Day is all about.

Earth Day 2021 is on Thursday, April 22.

Works on mobile.

16th Google Easter Egg – The Timer

How long will those cupcakes be in the over for? If you don’t have a timer, use the Timer on Google. Running a quick Race? Use Google’s Stopwatch. 

Yes, it works on mobile, for when you are running through the Edmonton River Valley.

17th Google Easter Egg – Thanos or Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos Google Easter Egg

The Marvel villain Thanos is at it again! While this Google Easter Egg is retired. It is still available elgoog. When you search for Thanos, an Infinity Gauntlet that appears on the right does a fun trick. Click on it and Thanos does his thing and starts of the page start disappearing. 

If this doesn’t work for you on Google, try it on elgoog.

18th Google Easter Egg – Google logo history

This search returns a short sideshow with all the Google logos from now back to 1998. What a great way to showcase your brand? Nice work Google! How many of these do you remember? Have a look at the history of the Google logo.

Works on mobile.

19th Google Easter Egg – Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

I know, this ones reaching a little.

In Rick & Morty, there’s an episode where the birdperson says wubba lubba dub dub means “I am in great pain, please help me”. (Season 1 Episode 5)

Applied to Google search, wubba lubba dub dub will say Did you mean: I am in great pain, please help me.

Also works using Google Assistant or on your phone! There are more like this around 😉

20th Google Easter Egg – Play Atari Breakout

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. 

It used to work right inside of Google image search. All you’d do is search for Atari Breakout in Google images and it would begin the game. 

It’s still available on elgoog.

Doesn’t work on mobile

21st Google Easter Egg – Elgoog

It’s called the Google mirror site although they are not affiliated with Google. Some of the Google Easter eggs we included are from here.

You can experience some of the legacy Easter eggs here, though! The Easter eggs below are available on elgoog.

Google gravity + click I am feeling lucky

Google gravity was a while back. If you went to and typed the word “gravity” and then pressed the I am feeling lucky button, you could watch the screen fall apart like this. It still works on elgoog.

Google Guitar

The irony is that they say if you use Firefox or Edge (aka not Chrome), you can get a fully functional guitar. Not bad, Google.

Zerg Rush

If you typed “zerg rush” into search, small circles would attack the search results. The result would be a GG like below, which in Starcraft terms means good game.

That’s All for Now!

We hope this helped you discover some interesting Google Easter eggs that you didn’t know about! There are plenty more for you to discover.

Happy Googling!


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